How We Work

National Ambulance

Clinical Governance

National Ambulance recognises the importance of a robust Clinical Governance Framework in delivering excellence in pre-hospital care services in the UAE by maintaining and improving the quality of patient care as well as instilling a culture of accountability and transparency. We are committed to governance and the fulfillment of its requirements at all stages of our operations, which ensures that the needs of our patients remain central to our service provision and that they have access to the highest quality of care in line with internationally recognised best practice clinical care standards.

Our Clinical Services Strategic Framework maps out the strategic priorities which are key in delivering our Vision, Mission and Values. The framework is implemented through our Clinical Quality Assurance Plan, which maintains high clinical standards using approved clinical protocols to ensure consistency of care.

Licensed staff are only privileged based on successful competency assessment. We undertake regular performance assessment and monitoring as evidence of our capability to keep patients safe, appropriately care for them and to provide them with the confidence that their needs always remain central to our service.

We adopt multiple mechanisms to foster a positive Clinical Governance Culture by putting the right systems and policies in place to ensure delivering effective pre-hospital care, the health and wellbeing of our employees, minimising the associated risks, and the development of high quality education for clinically competent staff who undergo in-field assessments and audits of clinical practice across multiple areas including scene management and the safe use of medication.

Supporting governance policy is National Ambulance’s commitment to always achieving compliance to national regulations and maintaining its international accreditations and certifications.