How We Work

National Ambulance

Maintaining Clinical Excellence

In line with our mission to deliver quality pre-hospital emergency medical services to communities across the UAE, clinical excellence is the driving force behind our patient care. To achieve our mission, we operate quality assurance and performance monitoring and improvement systems while continually investing in the development of our clinical practitioners. We also maintain and improve our fleet to ensure its reliability and that it has the latest equipment and technology to deliver our service in the most efficient and effective way.

Quality Assurance

To maintain clinical excellence and deliver the highest level of care, we have carefully put in place a quality management and performance improvement system incorporating clinical protocols, standardised practices, processes and procedures, consistent documentation, medical oversight, and strict clinical protocols to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and necessary standards. We use a variety of tools to monitor performance, including regular key performance indicator (KPI) reports with action plans to meet performance goals. Other tools include internal and external audits, maintaining accreditation from external international audit bodies, daily automated clinical audits using the electronic patient care record (ePCR) system which facilitates streamlined quality assurance and performance review.

Education and Training

We invest significantly in maintaining the international academic accreditations that support our clinical teams in delivering the best patient outcomes in pre-hospital care. The frontline experience and skillset of our team are reinforced through robust Continuing Medical Education (CME) and regular monitoring and clinical competency evaluations. This is achieved by utilising the latest technology including simulation-based learning on a variety of EMS clinical scenarios, directive real-time feedback devices, online eLearning, virtual learning and remote skills verification. This ensures our clinical professionals maintain their knowledge and skills in accordance with the local regulations required by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH-Abu Dhabi), as well as ensuring best practice in emergency medical services by fulfilling international accreditation requirements.

Fleet Services and Equipment Maintenance

Fleet is a major part of our service delivery and we have invested heavily in our fleet of emergency vehicles that are on the frontline of delivering patient care. We operate a fleet service system for our emergency vehicles which are regularly maintained to ensure the reliability and longevity of both our vehicles and equipment.